Artist: Manuel López, Spain. IPA Summer Bucharest 2014. Photographer: Jürgen Fritz



  • Workshop Fee 320 Including accomodation, workshop and food for seven days
  • Workshop: There will be 3 workshop groups, 10 – 15 participants per group. You will remain in the same group during the whole workshop.
  • Exchange session: Group sessions in the evening/night for exchanges between groups.
  • Meals: During the first week in “Earth Spirit Centre” the fee includes breakfast, light lunch and dinner – all vegetarian.
  • The second week is not mandatory. The platform and symposium will take place the following week in Bristol, in a 3- day event “Where Performance Happens”. Perfomance interventions and  and live work will take place in public spaces and at Arnolfini art Centre  in the city of Bristol, with networks including local artists and producers.


  • Monday, 12th October 2015: Workshop participants arrive at the Earth Spirit Centre near Glastonbury. Dinner will be served at 7pm and we will recap on what you can expect over the forthcoming weeks.
  • October 14th – October 18th: numerous workshops, meetings and exchange sessions with our Workshop Leaders
  • Monday, 19th October: Public Presentation
  • Tuesday, 20th October: Travel to Bristol
  • October 21st: Day off, preparing performance for the Platform event in Bristol city centre
  • Thursday, 22nd October – Saturday, 24th October: Platform For Young Performance Artists (multiple locations), Symposium and Evening performances at Arnolfini, Bristol
  • Sunday, 25th October 2015: Departure

You can register online for these events here.

Will you organise transport between Bristol and Glastonbury?

Yes, we will arrange the coach transport between Bristol and Glastonbury so once you arrive at Bristol Temple Meads look out for a member of the IPA Bristol team and we will ensure you’re taken care of!

Is food and accommodation included within the price?

Yes, the fee for the whole amount secures your food and accommodation for the duration your stay in Glastonbury. We are also securing deals with local businesses in Bristol for the second half of the event – you will be looked after throughout the whole time you’re here.

Will I be supported during the performance platform event in Bristol?

The IPA Bristol team will be ensuring all artists have everything they need ahead of each performance, there will be marshal training ahead of the event to ensure audiences have clear direction and are ushered accordingly.